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Regain control over your personal data
and gain benefits by sharing this data on your terms!

Your personal data is out of your control now. Others earn real money on your personal information and you in return have been getting flooded with tons of spam and intrusive marketing.

myConsents is an innovative personal information management service which helps you regaining control over your personal data so that you decide who and on which terms can process your data.

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Three steps to restore privacy in the net

Step 1
Regain control over your personal data

With myConsents app you can regain control over your personal data and stop unsolicited or unwanted communication:

  • easily withdraw formerly given consents;
  • get an information about processing and sharing your personal data with third parties;
  • whenever you want, request your data to be deleted.
Step 2
Decide what communication you want to receive

myConsents app allows you to express your needs and intentions so that the information you are about to receive relates exactly to what you really need:

  • express your interests, needs and requirements in a convenient way;
  • decide which providers can have your consent to use your personal data;
  • choose brands and services you want to keep your eye on.
Step 3
Share you personal information on your terms

myConsents enables you to manage your personal information and unlocks the full potential of your data:

  • manage from one place a full list of consents to use your personal data;
  • give consents in return for money or benefits offered by providers and withdraw the consents whenever you want;
  • share some data anonymously to help others or to support noble aims.

Use your rights to protect your privacy!

Frequent personal data breaches, cybercrime and digital surveillance - you need to be sure your personal data is protected.

Governments all around the world, and especially in the European Union, introduce new personal data protection regulations to help citizens regain control over their personal data and protect their digital identity more effectively.

Take advantage of these new opportunities!